Accessories, adornments and wearable art


by Vikki Lafford Garside

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Liliia bespoke service was featured on Boho Weddings and Events blog. Vikki designed and made a 1920's inspired satin gown for Kelly with peacock feather embroidered and beaded detail. Please click on the photo (left) to read the article.


I offer a free of charge one hour consultation at Daisy Cottage, Oxfordshire where we can meet and chat about ideas. You can view example dresses, browse fabrics and discuss options. It is an informal chat where we get to know each other and hopefully help you plan your dream wedding dress!


Following the consultation I will usually develop some designs based on our discussions and email sketches, descriptions and an estimate of cost. There is no obligation to go ahead if you are not happy with the designs.


If you like the style of my work and are interested in finding out more, please get in touch with any questions or to book a free of charge consultation.

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